Aishath Shuaila is a visual artist with a background in sustainable development.

Through her use of colour, fluid brush strokes and mark making she portrays a reflection of the environment and her imaginary world. She draws inspiration from a variety of art movements including surrealism, post- impressionism and magical realism. Her art is deeply rooted in her connected to nature and often depicts colourful landscapes and natural objects.

Shuaila’s love and fascination with nature is a prevalent theme in both her artwork and work in environmental management.

She currently lives and works out of her home studio in Male’.


2022 – Think We Must,10th Nov – 10th February 2023, Gallery 350, Male’, Maldives

2022 – Kuramathi Quick Guide to Plants Book Launch and Exhibition, 27th Oct, Kuramathi Resort, Maldives

2021 – 101, April, Art Gallery Male’, Male, Maldives

2019 – The 9th SAARC Artists Camp and Exhibition, 22nd – 27th Sep, National Art Gallery, Male’, Maldives

2018 – Unveiling Visions 2018, 3rd – 7th Sep, National Art Gallery, Male’, Maldives

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